Colomba Colomba Collezione LattaCaramello Salato
With selected monorigin cru chocolate and salted caramel cream
code 8132 - 750 g - 1 lb 10 1/2 oz (26.5 oz)


Loison’s Colomba Salted Caramel is an original recipe by Dario Loison. The distinctive taste of salted caramel cream meets the enticing bitterness of dark chocolate chips to deliver a perfect balance of sweet and savory sensations. A layer of white chocolate and caramel glaze decorates this mouthwatering creation garnished with whole and chopped hazelnuts.

Single-origin chocolate
Single-origin cocoa beans from selected South American plantations in regions dedicated to a high-quality crop.
Mananara vanilla from Madagascar
Vanilla is one of the most prized spices. The first to use it were the Aztecs. We source ours directly from growers in Madagascar, as they offer one of the best vanilla crops in the world. The fragrant black pods we are more familiar with are obtained after a lengthy production process.