Our craft Panettone and Pandoro for the 2022 holiday season

"The magical tradition of Christmas"

The secret of our artisanal Panettone lies in both the quality of the ingredients and the time spent making the product. Our carefully selected ingredients enhance the fragrance of our baked goods to yield an unforgettable taste while bringing to mind traditional and authentic flavours.

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Passion and tradition

SINCE 1938

Skillfully mixing simplicity with love for genuine products, time and foresight can yield one-of-a-kind results, because artisan pastry-making cannot be rushed. Time is needed to exalt and expertly combine delicate flavors that are loaded with history. It is the art of transforming tradition into quality.

"Tradition is our main ingredient and Passion is what heats our ovens: we have been creating signature confections for three generations and we bring them to tables across the world."
Dario Loison

biscotti da caffè monoporzione loison


Dario Loison's butter cookies are special delights prepared with excellent ingredients according to traditional recipes.

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sbrisola bonissima loison


Our small cakes are prepared with simple high-quality ingredients. Inspired by folktales. these crumbly delicacies showcase our regional traditions.

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filone loison


Filone is a new take on our family’s leavened cake called Panfrutto. The original recipe, which came from Alessandro Loison, was revisited by his son Dario to deliver a soft fruity product featuring premium ingredients.

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veneziana loison


The Veneziana is a symbol of the culinary tradition of Venice, aptly representing its heritage and the combination of the cultural influences of faraway lands mixed in with Italian creativity.

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panettoni in fetta slice loison


Panettone by the slice will be a nice addition to your everyday breakfast. It can also surprise the most experienced gourmet, if the slice is served as a savory treat for brunch.

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Loison takes stock of 2021: a turnover that rose above 35%!

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The holiday-themed Collections revisit the magic of Christmas

Sonia Design believes in emotions and in the value of one’s heritage built through family traditions. For many of us, Christmas is one of those time-honored traditions.

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A slow and natural rising process

Today’s quality of craftsmanship consists of observing the required production times: it takes 72 hours of patient work to see the finished product. The quality and flavors of our baked goods are guaranteed through this traditional baking process that’s never rushed, in an effort to preserve the sensory characteristics of the ingredients.

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