Sonia Design0s style

Sonia Design is the style that freed the packaging of our leavened products from their traditional holiday tones, in favor of colors that can be adapted to any season, because Loison’s products are not necessarily tied to the holidays. We bring to your tables traditional, made-in-Italy products that can be savored anywhere, anytime.

With my collections, I turn my deepest thoughts into creations and I strive to convey my sensitivity, which is always there in everything I do. I stare into space and enter my creative world where colors, sounds and scents are all in harmony. It’s where I find peace, where I find the love and sweetness that help me create. I have not yet given life to half of the things I have seen, experienced or dreamed of.

Sonia Design Latte Loison

Art and Food: a sweet bond at Casa Loison

What is the relationship between confections and art at Casa Loison? The bond that exists between art and food is nothing new – Plato used to talk about it more than 2,500 years ago – and today it is time to think of culture as an instrument that adds value. Along with the continuous search for excellent raw materials (the Good), the obsessive attention to detail in the packaging (the Beautiful) and the second destination of the packages (the Useful), Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla pondered over what other virtue could be associated with the already perfect creatures made by Loison’s confectioners.

Sonia Design confezioni Loison

For the GENESI Collection, Sonia Design chose to emphasize the special bond that our brand has established with the region and its artistic heritage. Sonia drew her inspiration from the “Serliana”, a Venetian window which is a key element in Palladian architecture.

The stylized sequence of this classical element is reproduced on the packaging to yield an elegant, subtle texture. Shapes and colors perfectly match the tones of the bows, each identifying a different variety of Panettone or Colomba. This is yet another example of the harmony and elegance that have always set Loison’s products apart.

collezione genesi panettone loison

Panettone Genesi Collection

collezione genesi primavera colomba loison

Colomba Genesi Collection

Sonia Pilla

All the planning, design and packaging optimization are done by Sonia Pilla at our headquarters.

A new culture of quality

Our sweet baked goods, paired with art-inspired design, deliver something that offers both elegance and taste, as expressed by the unique style of Sonia Design and the skills of Dario Loison respectively. Our packaging is not only finely crafted, but also contains excellence in terms of taste.