Food quality and safety: an applied system with continuous improvement

Since its birth, Loison has pursued the goal of producing fine and unmistakable pastries. Our secret: to guarantee without any compromise the effectiveness of a production system that has been tested and meticulously implemented for four generations, constantly promoting and developing the culture of quality as well as ensuring proper environmental management.


“Loison Pasticceri dal 1938”, with the implementation of a System for Quality Management and Food Safety in compliance with the BRC Standard from 2007 to today, aims to produce high quality and excellent taste pastries, as well as healthy and in compliance with the laws in force in Italy, Europe and in non- EC countries. Undergoing this certification, which is one of the hardest and most rigorous, was a voluntary choice strongly desired by Dario Loison: this protocol is a high standard of reference that makes us proud for having achieved and maintained the highest score assignable over time by the ‘Certifying Body or AA.


The search for extreme quality stems from respect for the ancient recipes of the pastry tradition, from the scrupulous care in the selection of raw materials, possibly Italian, unique and rare, and from an unforced production process that still maintains all the delicate phases of the old artisanal processing of the past combined with modern technology dedicated to product traceability. Production can therefore be defined as a “rule of art”, to obtain a quality of taste over time, not underestimating all the chemical – physical and microbiological parameters to be perpetually respected, starting from the supplier of the single raw material up to the your palate.


The uniform pursuit of quality at the basis of the Loison System would not be such if it did not merge into an environmental management that is as ecological and supportive as possible. For this reason, since 2006, the treatment of aquifer waste has been carried out on site with an internal purification plant built specifically to discharge wastewater suitable for the current legislation to protect public sewers without creating any impact. Since 2010, photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the company’s production section that generate renewable and clean energy and since 2017 on the roof of the logistics section. These are all examples of the great attention to the environment that Loison demonstrates and it believes in the exclusively differentiated management of waste and in the reduction of the impact of emissions in the surrounding area. The confirmation of these values: it is also demonstrated through the shoppers that contain every single product. From 2020, in fact, they are all made of TNT recycled from plastic bottles.

In order to best meet the Customer’s expectations and consolidate the image of quality acquired in its sector, Loison aims to continuously improve the effectiveness of this System by instilling and disseminating the culture of quality to all internal staff as well as to its suppliers and distributors, from the largest to the most modest, without exception.


For Loison, the System is QUALITY at 360 ° without compromise!


Below are the links to our certifications and declarations:

Ionising Radiation Declaration

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Pesticide-Free Declarations


Food Contact Declaration

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Certificate BRC 2023

Logo BRC

HACCP and quality system declarations


ALLERGENS Declaration

Logo Allergeni

GMO FREE declaration

Logo OGM

ULSS Health Attestation

Logo certificato libera vendita

Origin and health certificate for the export of milk, milk products and eggs

Logo certificato veterinario