Shared pleasure

Turning every moment into something special also means paying attention to detail. The great care that we put into designing our products is reflected on our many available tools which will assist you in setting up your window displays, your tasting stations and your points of sale.


Available for the winter collection
Available for the spring collection

Decorations for the shop window

Take care of the shopwindow to attract and involve customers: Loison decorations complete your showcase with elegance and style.
code M005 - 25x22x15 cm
Christmas balls (14 pieces box)
code M096 9x6x9 cm
Box with three ribbons in green, gray and ivory color, 15mm x 20m used to wrap our products
code M072 24x10 cm
Adhesive aluminium plaque
code M032 9x9 PZ cm
Decorative easter eggs (9 pieces box)

Perfumes to create the right atmosphere

The sweet spring notes of Loison fragrance diffusers and Loison scented candles create a relaxing atmosphere in your store to regenerate body and mind.
code M063 8x8x25 cm
Fragrance diffuser - Apple and cinnamon 180ml
code M081 Ø 7x8 cm
Scented candle - Sandalwood 150 ml
code M077 Ø 6,5x22 cm
Fragrance diffuser Oriental Garden 75 ml
code M034 Ø 6x16 cm
Fragrance diffuser Vento d'oriente - Patchouli 150 ml
code M033 Ø 6x16 cm
Fragrance diffuser - Tocchi di Primavera - Pear and Freesia 150 ml

Delivery in style

Shoppers in recycled plastic and multipurpose carton boxes to create elegant gift boxes, perfect to contain the precious Loison products.
code M213 50x40x25 cm
Shopper in recycled plastic
code M216 32x39x16 cm
Shopper in recycled plastic
code M215 27x40x27 cm
Shopper in recycled plastic
code M246 25x30x15 cm
Shopper in recycled plastic
code M101 45x24x35 cm
Multipurpose carton box
code M100 33x24x26 cm
Multipurpose carton box


Small gifts in perfect Loison style, to be used every day: from the romantic greeting cards with envelopes, to the original keychain with Love charms, to the practical notepad calculator.
code M095 12x17x2 cm
Notepad Calculator
code M094 19x5x2 cm
Pen and pencil set
code M098 11x7 cm
Keychain with Love charms, panettone and biscuit in a gift box
code M103 18x12 cm
Greeting cards with envelope (10pcs)
code M001 18x12 cm
Greeting cards with envelope (10pcs)
code M117 19x5x2 cm
Pen and pencil set
code M107 18x62 mm, 19x40 mm
Desk set: paper clip and binder clip


Showing the products in the best possible way, enhancing them with tools of unique style, improving the exhibition layout of your store.
code M002 32x23x5 cm
Table display kit with monographic books and paper frame for showing prices and products
code M083 40x30 cm
Horizontal tin wall
code M022 30x40 cm
Led canvas frame
code M045 30x40 cm
Wooden wall clock
code M079 30x40 cm
Wooden wall clock
code M027 30x40 cm
Canvas frame
code M084 22x30 cm
Oval tin wall
code M108 30x40 cm
Vertical tin wall
code M111 40x30 cm
Horizontal tin wall

For tasting

Everything you need for tasting Loison products, fully savoring their characteristics and quality.
code M065 24x24 cm
Napkins (20 pieces packing)
code M020 16x16 cm
Square biodegradable tasting plate
code M075 21 cm
Triangle biodegradable tasting plate
code M007 95x67 cm
Light green apron
code M008 68x84 cm
Brown apron “insolito PANETTONE"
code M009 70x92 cm
White apron “Loison”
code M068 68x84 cm
Ivory apron “Frutta e Fiori"
code M054 50x70cm
Light pink kitchen rag
code M055 50x70cm
Light green kitchen rag
code M092 50x180 cm
RPET table runner
code M093 140x140 cm
RPET tablecloth