Sbrisola, Bonissima, Tosa

Loison Cakes are a pleasure to share. Three Bonissima cakes with a delicious filling of wild flower honey, figs and candied chestnuts. Six fragrant Sbrisola cakes flavoured with almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate, honey, pistachio and mint. Two brand new Tosa filled with salted butter caramel cream and IGP “Piemonte” hazelnuts or dark chocolate.
It’s a classic dessert that has no equal because it is laid out one by one. Six versions: hazelnut Igp Piemonte and almond of Bari, rice and mint, classic almond and corn "Marano", hazelnut and chocolate, pistachio Bronte Dop, walnut and Italian honey Excellent alone or chopped on a fruit salad, or as a basis for a cheesecake.
MANDORLA MAISSBRISOLAcode 530 - 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
NOCCIOLA CIOCCOSBRISOLAcode 531 - 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
RISO MENTASBRISOLAcode 534 - 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
NOCE MIELESBRISOLAcode 533 - 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
NERASBRISOLAcode 535 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
PISTACCHIOSBRISOLAcode 532 - 200 g - 7.05 ozbuy
The base is a pastry rich in butter and its precious filling is born from the knowledge and art of Dario in knowing how to marry 2 healthy and delicious ingredients in three versions: marron glacé and hazelnuts "Piemonte" IGP, fig Calabria DOP and Apulian almond, Italian walnuts and honey.
NOCEMIELEBONISSIMAcode 590 - 300 g - 10.58 ozbuy
FICOMANDORLABONISSIMAcode 591 - 300 g - 10.58 ozbuy
MARRONGLACÉ NOCCIOLABONISSIMAcode 592 - 300 g - 10.58 ozbuy
Two adaptations of a traditional cake made with cocoa shortcrust pastry but innovative in taste thanks to the salted caramel frangipane cream combined with either Piemonte Igp hazelnuts or with Venezuela monorigine chocolate. This is an exquisite marriage between classicism and modernity: a traditional cake in processing and new in taste.
NOCCIOLA CARAMELLO SALATOTOSA code 581 300 g - 10.58 ozbuy
CIOCCOLATO CARAMELLO SALATOTOSAcode 580 300 g - 10.58 ozbuy