1908Artisanal originsTranquillo Loison was born on July 30th, 1908, in Monticello Conte Otto, a small town on the outskirts of Vicenza. At a young age, he begins working as a baker and, when he is just seventeen, he compiles his firstrecipes: on a small blue notebook, he jots down the ingredients needed to make bread, cookies and a few simple traditional cakes.
I would bake bread, deliver it around town and then go to my fifth-grade class. At the age of ten or eleven, I started working with my mother, because my father was in Rijeka, fightingin the war. Then he finally came home. While he was away, I worked and went to school. (A. Loison)
1934The bakery in MottaOn the advice of one of his uncles, Tranquillo buys a small bakery from the Manni family. It is located in the hamlet of Motta in the town of Costabissara and he moves there with his family.
1938Grandfather Tranquillo opens his first bakery. He’s developed his love for the art of bread making and then passes it on to his son Alessandro. Simple origins and genuine products give birth to the history of the Loison family.
1945Sweet beginningsWorld War II has had an impact on the economy. The revenues from the sale of bread at state-controlled prices barely guarantees the livelihood of the family. So, encouraged by the teachings of his father and by the requests of his customers, who want more than just bread, Alessandro tries some recipes and begins making pastries. His first confectionery experiment is the San Martino cake, based on a recipe suggested to him by a friend from Verona. Some of the first leavened products made in the Motta bakery include plum cakes and doughnuts, either plain or filled with raisins.
We had competition even back then and we had to somehow come up with new ideas to get by. There were four bakeries in Costabissara and then there was us in Motta.” (A. Loison)
1955The workshop on Via Chiesa begins making tiered wedding cakes, by now in high demand for ceremonies held by residents in town and in the province. Meanwhile, during Christmas season, Loison introduces some baked goods for the holidays, including meringues, zaletti and "pevarini" cookies. Holiday sweets are simple and scarce, until the day the recipe for Panettone comes into the picture.
1969During the years of the economic boom, on May 28th 1969 Alessandro opens the new workshop where the business specializes in fresh pastries. Loison is now a family-run business.
1974The first corporate logo is designed in the seventies. The graphic image features the family name in bright red. The company is known as Dolciaria Alessandro Loison (or LA).
1979In 1979 the company, known as Dolciaria Alessandro Loison (LA), obtained the Mercurio d’Oro prize for its commercial value, its entrepreneurial spirit, its quality and its professionality.
1992The company is headed by grandson Dario who takes the bakery to a higher level. The products are now exported to countries in Europe and overseas.
1995At the end of the ‘90s Loison decided to join the Slow Food reality committed to giving value to the food by safeguarding small productions of gastronomic excellence, the environment and the ecosystems.
1996The company’s first website is launched. Though consisting of only six pages, it is enough to give Loison visibility and to begin selling products online.
2000XII Premio «Dino Villani »
2003The company starts collaborating with numerous chefs to create an extraordinary background of “adaptability”. Panettone can be used in any kind of dish, whether sweet or savory. All of this is then structured in 2010 into a dedicated website insolitopanettone.com.
2005From the great passion of Dario Loison for collecting, the Loison Museum and the Library of Taste are born. Objects, prints and postcards from the world of bakery and pastry.
2007Loison obtains the BRC Food Standard certification. Seeking for this accreditation was a choice that the company firmly believed 16 in. The goal is to produce high-quality, greattasting products, in accordance with the laws in Italy, Europe and countries outside the EEC.
2013Dario Loison receives the Made in Italy Award for Excellence by Gambero Rosso, “for the love and attention he puts in his pastry production, a true example of the highest Italian gastronomic quality”.
2016The Merano Culinaria Awards During the 2016 Merano Wine Festival: Loison received four certificates of excellence: Platinum for the Panettone with Late Mandarin from Ciaculli, Gold for the latest Rose Panettone, Gold for the Cherry & Cinnamon Veneziana, and Rosso for the Butter Cookies.
2019Book G FactorAmong the protagonists of the book "G Factor," written by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Diego Ciulli, and Giampaolo Colletti, the YouTube channel of Loison Pasticceri has been described as "The Netflix of Panettone," the result of over 150 videos dedicated to the promotion, training, storytelling, and sharing of the brand over 10 years.
2021The strong passion of Dario Loison for innovation and for the entrepreneurial vision aimed at the development of new strategies in the digital field, have led to a consistent digitization of business processes, marking the path towards the adoption of an omnichannel strategy, for the years to come.
2022Loison Pasticceri has obtained registration in the special register of historic Italian trademarks for the confirmed use of the Loison brand for at least 50 years.
2023Italian Export AwardRecognition for Loison's success in promoting and marketing its high-quality products abroad.
2023E-commerce Food Conference AwardBest E-commerce Food Integrated with Physical Points and Store Locator.
2023Development Strategy AwardRecognition of artisanal origins and entrepreneurial spirit.