Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla:
the third generation of Loison family business

Dario Loison and Sonia Pilla represent the third generation of Loison. They faced together the professional journey each focused to his own way. Dario is the entrepreneurial genius, in his opinion tradition and innovation are not parallel tracks, but two areas that are closely connected; Sonia is the romantic and wistful soul, the one who created the Loison’s style, a perfect design expression.


Dario Loison

Dario Loison describes himself using two simple words: genius and unpredictability. His mind is constantly working and searching to push beyond boundaries. For Dario, tradition and innovation do not walk side by side, rather they are closely connected: with much ease, he goes from one antique market to another, looking for new memorabilia for his museum, then on to the latest trade fairs in search of new inspiration. That’s why he is always able to surprise us.

While he offers traditional Panettone in a wide range of flavors (the newest addition is the Licorice and Saffron Panettone Cake), he also changes it up and, with the help of his chef friends, brings it to our table throughout the year so it becomes a basic ingredient for first courses, premium meats and refined fish. That’s why Dario was able to make the Loison name renowned worldwide, whilst clearing the panettone cake from its traditional holiday role.

Dario takes over the reins of the company
family and through his own
restructuring and redefinition
brings the Craft Workshop
towards new product challenges
and market.


Sonia Pilla is the romantic and nostalgic soul of the company, the one who created Loison’s style. Sonia is in fact responsible for the company image and she is charged with the task of expressing the company’s emotions in a way that complements the qualities that make Loison an out-of-the-ordinary company, focused on more ambitious goals but, at the same time, staying true to familiar and local traditions.

Everything is immediately surmised from the packaging that she imagines and designs. Her style is known for the elements of elegance and refinement, where no detail is left to chance. The containers she creates always have a second life, day in day out, which gives it a fair dose of poetry. Last, but not least, all of Sonia’s sensitivity is also reflected in Loison’s headquarters, namely the shop and the stand, which are spaces able to make even the most realistic minds dream.

Sonia Design
has freed the packaging
from its typical Christmas tones
and has gone for colors that can be adapted to any season
because Loison’s products
are not necessarily tied to the holidays.
We bring to your tables
traditional made in Italy products.