26 February 2024

Spring awakens with FLOWERS from Sonia Design

Three collections inspired by flowers whose colors and scents enchant our senses: they are the silent words of nature, speaking to our hearts without the need for sound.
The collections signed Sonia Design offer packages that are true design objects, capable of enhancing and exalting the excellence of Loison sweets.

The art of hand-packaging, a pillar of Loison’s philosophy, is combined with meticulous attention to detail and the distinctive style signed Sonia Design. The result is a harmony of body and soul, where packaging enhances the essence.


The Packaging – Sonia Pilla dedicates this package to the Peony, a flower of rare beauty and delicate fragrance, which when it blooms opens wide its exuberance of petals to the light of the sky. A symbol of elegance and prosperity, the peony is customary to be given on the occasion of the 12th year of marriage as a symbol of love and a wish for long life.The package, made of rigid cardboard embellished with a tone-on-tone cardboard bow, is also designed to be easily reusable.
Colomba – In contrast to peonies that have an intense but brief bloom, the collection instead immortalizes their beauty in 3 versions of 750g Colomba, each with different reproductions of peonies: Classic A.D. 1552, inimitable for its fluffiness and richness of dough; Peach and Hazelnuts, from 2004 perfect for the combination of delicacy and fragrance in taste; and Black Cherry and Cinnamon rich in tasty black cherry and spicy notes. Page 40-41 Spring 2024 Catalog.


The Packaging – Easter, a symbol of spring rebirth, coincides with the time when roses reach the peak of their beauty, in all their forms and varieties: wild, shrub, climbing, solitary. Sonia Pilla wanted to dedicate to this beautiful flower symbol of love the trunk typical of the pastry shops of yesteryear, embellished with a tone-on-tone double satin handle.
Colomba – A triumph of roses, all different for each collection, serve as the spring weave for the trunk for 3 flavors of colomba in the 750g size: Classica A.D. 1552, a choice that pleases everyone because of the undisputed goodness of the traditional recipe; with Mandarino tardivo di Ciaculli (Slow Food Presidium) an inimitable recipe since 2005; and with Caramello salato, a mouth-watering taste in a complete balance between sweet and salty. Page 42-43 Spring 2024 Catalog.


The packaging – For the Italian lyricist Mogol, the choice of these flowers is not accidental since for him they symbolize immortal love, a feeling that Sonia Pilla translates with shy nuances of peach blossoms bursting forth in spring. Essence, this, which is also reflected on the packaging: a practical box conveniently reusable that is distinguished by its tone-on-tone double satin handle.
Colomba – Increasingly in demand for its versatility, the 750-gram size pleases everyone and in this collection blossoms in 3 flavors: Peach and Hazelnuts, a delicious combination of delicacy and texture thanks to semi-candied peaches and IGP Piedmont hazelnuts; Classic A. D. 1552 from the soft dough enriched a of sulfite-free orange peels from Sicily and almonds from Bari and Avola; Regal Cioccolato, a flavor born in 2000, mouthwatering for its filling and chocolate curls. Page 44-45 Spring 2024 Catalog.

COLOMBA in the TOP line are distinguished by the choice of fine ingredients, all with controlled origin certification. The basic elements such as eggs from safe farms, milk and butter produced in the mountain. The other ingredients are selected according to territorial excellence: from top-grade flour to natural Italian sugar, from Cervia whole sea salt to precious aromatic ingredients, evaluated with extreme care.

"Things are united by invisible ties. You cannot pluck a flower without disturbing a star. (Galileo Galilei)"