5 March 2024

Colomba Loison: here’s the taste guide!

Original pairings, traditional tastes or insatiably gluttonous? This guide will lead you to the perfect colomba. And if you are still undecided, there is no doubt: try them all!

It is indeed true that life is about choices, but when faced with a crossroads a guide can make all the difference. From the new 2024 Colomba Apricot and Basil to the delicate Peach and Hazelnut or the more mouth-watering variants like the Salted Caramel Colomba there is a Loison flavor for every palate. Welcome to our journey of discovery of Loison’s Colombe!




NEW 2024 – COLOMBA APRICOT AND BASIL , the Mediterranean taste of spring., il gusto mediterraneo della primavera.

Apricot is the smile of spring turning into a kiss of summer, a fruit that encapsulates the sweetness and warmth of two seasons. New Colomba 2024 captures this essence by juxtaposing it with the aroma of fresh basil leaves. Available in Collections: Latta (750g) and Frutta e Fiori (500g and 1kg)..


PEACH AND HAZELNUT COLOMBA, for those who prefer delicate and elegant flavors.

“”It is gentle, buttery, liquescent and full of juice” is how botanist Giorgio Gallesio defined the peach in the early 1800s, qualities found in the semi-candied peaches that enrich this dove. Completing the masterpiece are IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts (whole) that cover the dove with a spectacular glaze. Available in Collections: Peonie (750g), Fiori di pesco (750g), Latta (750g), Frutta e Fiori (500g and 1kg).


COLOMBA CHERRY AND CHINNAMON, full of satisfaction for a fulfilling experience.

Here is the formula for pleasure: a meeting between the intense and enveloping taste of candied black cherries and the unmistakable warm aroma of cinnamon. Together they leave an indelible mark on taste memories. Available in the Collections: Peonie (750g), Frutta e Fiori (500g and 1kg).


CHAMOMILE AND LEMON COLOMB, a comfort combination for those who love a reassuring taste.

A combination of essential ingredients: on the one hand the discreet fragrance of chamomile flowers and Sicilian Millefiori honey, on the other the clear and citrus taste of candied lemon peels that enrich the dough. Available in the Frutta e Fiori Collection (500g and 1kg).





SALT CARAMEL COLOMBA, irresistible for a tasty experience.

Caramel, butter, sugar and chocolate: such a combination could only prove wonderfully successful, but nothing is left to chance: from the white chocolate to the caramel and Piedmont hazelnuts to the dough enriched with milk chocolate chips and caramel cream salted butter (the white chocolate coating is handmade after baking). Available in the Collections: Rose (750g), Latta (750g), Genesi (600g and 1kg), Cappelliere (1kg).

COLOMBA REGAL CHOCOLATE, a triumph of temptations for chocolate lovers.

This is no ordinary Colomba but a hymn to chocolate that tells of nuanced shades of black and veiled mysteries of flavour from selected single-origin cocoa cru. There are three declinations of chocolate: in sophisticated drops in the dough, in persuasive cream filling, in dark curls for the covering. Available in the Collections: Fiori di pesco (750g), Genesi (600g and 1kg), Eleganza (1kg), Cappelliere (1kg).





COLOMBA CLASSICA A.D. 1552, perfect for those who love the flavours of yesteryear.

Guardian of traditional taste, the classic dove is like a book collecting timeless tales. Each slice is a chapter in a taste narrative rich in nuances, thanks to the soft dough that requires 72 hours of slow processing and the sulphite-free candied Sicilian oranges. Available in Collections: Peonie (750g), Rose (750g), Fiori di pesco (750g), Latta (750g), Genesi (500g and 1kg), Elegance (1kg), Cappelliere (1kg), Magnum (2 kilos, 3 kilos, 5 kilos).


COLOMBA MANDARIN LATE FROM CIACULLI, excellent for those who prefer citrus flavours.

This small citrus fruit is harvested between January and March, a Slow Food presidium, with a high sugar content and naturally very few seeds. Dario Loison has strongly desired it since 2005 for its aromatic rarity rich in intense and persistent citrus nuances. Available in the Collections: Rose (750g), Frutta e Fiori (500g and 1kg), Eleganza (1kg).


COLOMBA DIVIGNA, an opportunity for lovers of good wine.

In this Colomba, Dario Loison has made Umberto Saba’s quote “Life is so bitter, wine is so sweet; so why not drink it?” tangible, using a blend of fine wines he has personally chosen, including Recioto di Gambellara, Riesling and Verduzzo. Bite after bite is a journey through the vineyards in which the deep notes of the wines and the soft dough blend harmoniously. Available in the Genesi Collection (500g and 1kg).





MAGNUM COLLECTION, ideal for surprising guests.

A limited production by Loison Pasticceri because it requires a more elaborate manufacturing process, Colombe Magnum are available in three different sizes: 2, 3, 5 kilos. The collection comes in two packaging options: wrapped in a transparent wrapper that emphasises the sinuous shapes, or in elegant trunks decorated with Victorian details in hot gold and woven cotton rope handles.


MIGNON COLLECTION, for an uncommitted thought or as a corporate gift.

Three are the Mignon collections by Sonia Design that enclose a tasty 100g Colombina: Isabella & Teodora, the tender little sheep as soft and cuddly as a mother’s caress; the textured cotton pochette embellished with a little silver heart is perfect for holding the essentials in 3 elegant shades. And if that’s not enough, here are the floral boxes in 3 spring shades, ideal for a small gesture of courtesy that is sure to please.