25 September 2023

2023 New: Loison’s Alexa skill!

An innovative and fun tool to find the perfect dessert for your taste and receive a 30% discount.
All it takes is a simple command, “Alexa, apri dolci italiani!”

Loison Pasticceri’s prominent position in its sector is the result of a forward-looking and innovative use of web and artificial intelligence tools, a characteristic that has always distinguished the artisan company from Costabissara. In fact, Dario Loison is constantly looking for new ways to raise awareness of its products, and with this in mind, it came up with the Alexa Loison Skill, an extraordinary tool that guides you through the sweet world of Loison in 2 surprising ways in a simple and fun way:

  • Discovering Loison desserts: through a friendly voice, you can learn about the various products in detail, discovering their characteristics and the high-quality ingredients that make them so special.
  • Find the perfect dessert: thanks to Alexa’s artificial intelligence, the right recommendations will be suggested to find the Loison dessert that best suits your taste. Whether you are a chocolate fan or a fruit lover, Loison always offers amazing options!

In addition, by using the Alexa Skill by October 31, 2023, you will be able to receive a 30% discount coupon on orders placed on the Loison online shop , as a gesture of gratitude to the loyal and devoted audience of fans. Here’s how to use the Loison Skill:

  1. Access Alexa’s Skill Loison page from this link
  2. Log in to your Amazon account and activate the Skill
  3. Once the Skill is activated, you can start using it by saying voice commands such as:
    “Alexa, apri dolci italiani”
    “Alexa, chiedi a dolci italiani di parlarmi del panettone”
    “Alexa, chiedi a dolci italiani un panettone al cioccolato”
    “Alexa, chiedi a dolci italiani dei biscotti”

It is easier to put it into practice than to explain it in words, find out more in this video!

Click here to download the press release