14 October 2022

Certification and sustainability, Loison’s green recipe

Loison-certificazioni e sostenibilità

Environmental sustainability and product quality are essential values for Loison, which has always had an eye on the Environment, Energy and Food Safety.

Quality and food safety: a guarantee without compromise

Loison’s aim, since its foundation, has been to produce fine and unmistakable pastries, relying on a production system that has been tested and implemented for four generations. At the same time it promotes and develops the culture of Quality, guaranteeing proper environmental management.

BRC: voluntary certification for 15 years

“Loison Pasticceri dal 1938”, with the implementation of a Quality and Food Safety Management System compliant with the BRC Standard since 2007, aims to produce high quality and excellent tasting pastries, as well as healthy food in compliance with the laws in force in Italy, Europe and non-EC countries.

Undergoing this certification, which is one of the toughest and most rigorous, was a voluntary choice strongly desired by Dario Loison: this protocol is a high reference standard that fills the company with pride, because the highest score assignable by the Certifying Body, i.e. AA, has been achieved and maintained over time.

The quality of Loison products is based on the pursuit of indispensable factors: firstly, respect for the ancient recipes of traditional pastry making; secondly, scrupulous care in the selection of raw materials – possibly Italian – that are unique, rare and of certified origin; and finally, an unforced production process that still maintains all the delicate stages of artisan workmanship, combined with modern technology.

Quality and environment, the winning combination of a sustainability strategy

The constant quest for quality at the heart of the Loison system has always been accompanied by environmental management that is as environmentally friendly and supportive as possible.

Environmental Sustainability, territory and energy have always been issues of fundamental interest to the company, which for several years now has been demonstrating its commitment with concrete facts, the main ones of which are as follows.

Since 2006, water effluent has been treated on-site using an in-house purification plant, explicitly built to discharge production wastewater without creating any environmental impact. Approximately 1.300m3 of water per year is treated by this plant, which allows more than 98% of the pollutant factor at discharge to be reduced.

In 2010, photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the company’s production section, generating clean, renewable energy; since 2017, the photovoltaic system has also been extended to the roof of the logistics section.

In this way, Loison went from a production of 99.36 kWh in 2011 to a production of 144 kWh in 2017, meeting a self-production of more than 50% of the energy needs of the entire company.

Furthermore, from 2020, all shopping bags containing the products are made of recycled TNT from plastic bottles.

Sustainability in every product, from ingredients to packaging

Loison’s environmental strategy is not only confined within the company but can be found in every product purchased, from the individual ingredients to the final packaging.

Sustainable Agriculture (since 1995)

Since 1995, Loison has adhered to the Slow Food reality with the objective of safeguarding small productions of gastronomic excellence threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation and standardisation. For 20 years, it has been using a selection of Slow Food Presidium ingredients in its recipes, such as the Late Ciaculli Mandarin, the Almonds of Bari and Avola, or the Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar, to name but a few.

From recycling to reuse

The art of reuse is a practice that Loison holds strongly at heart and which it pursues with packaging and accessories designed to have a second destiny.

All packaging is taken care of by Sonia Design, who creates elegant and reusable packaging with dedication and attention to detail:

  • The shopping bags, made of recycled TNT from plastic bottles, are easily reusable and versatile;
  • The tins containing Veneziane, Biscotti, Panettoni and Mignon are designed to be containers in their own right, and thanks to the refinement and care with which they are created, they make a strong visual impact whatever their final destination;
  • The wrapping itself of Colombe, Pandoro and Panettone is reusable in various ways: as covers for books, as envelopes or origami or simply as bookmarks.


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