17 October 2023

Two New Panettone Flavors: Pear Chocolate, Orange Chocolate

With the 2 new chocolates-flavors, Dario Loison embraces all Christmas sweetness for a total of 18 types of panettone: “Chocolate for me is an evolution of pastry, and in Loison there is development, study and experimentation.”


For Loison, 2023 is the year of chocolate: if this summer’s Chocolate Orange Filone went down a storm, here’s Dario Loison baking 2 new Panettone flavors for this winter: Chocolate Pear Panettone, and Chocolate Orange Panettone: “Chocolate for me is an evolution of pastry,” explains the entrepreneurial pastry chef from Costabissara, “and in Loison it is gaining an important space of development becoming a companion on the stage of our leavened products. To do this, however, we need time to experiment with cocoa varieties, processing techniques and combinations with other ingredients in order to create desserts that offer sensory experiences that are still little known and that we wish to offer to our gourmet customer.”
“We have dedicated enormous attention to the sense of taste,” concludes Dario Loison, “because our Panettone must offer a unique perception, distinguishing itself already from the primary approach to the palate; we always try to achieve maximum palatability by involving all the senses therefore also sight, touch, hearing, and smell.


A little chocolate can emphasize the sweetness of the pear, too much suffocates the flavor of the fruit. In this panettone, Dario Loison offers an absolutely innovative and balanced version with the combination of sulfite-free Williams Pear candied fruit and a custom blend of South American chocolate, rich in cocoa butter that increases the enveloping sensations and boosts the roasted notes.
Special attention is given to the candied fruits, strongly sought after by Dario Loison because they are obtained through a process that avoids the use of sulfites. This choice goes consistently with the high digestibility of the Loison Panettone, made with sourdough and a 72-hour process.

Panettone Pera Cioccolato is available in the Latta Limited Ediiton, Barocco, Frutta e Fiori, Gold, and Coccola Collections. It is part of the TOP Line, the excellence of the Loison house, a line that is distinguished by the choice of fine ingredients, all with controlled origin certification, eggs from free-range hens, milk butter and fresh mountain cream. Other ingredients are selected according to territorial excellence: from fior di farina to Italian sugar, from Cervia whole sea salt to precious aromatic ingredients, evaluated with extreme care and creativity.


History suggests that the pairing of Orange and Chocolate is “well tested”: the first hints date back to the 18th century, when pastry chefs and chocolatiers began experimenting with adding orange peels and orange blossom water to chocolate to create new taste experiences. What else can be added at this point but the further enhancement with choice of fine ingredients such as superior Sicilian orange peels and a single-origin South American Cru chocolate specifically designed for this leavened product? Candied fruit and chocolate add small dots of sweetness and texture in a soft and delicate dough rich in eggs and butter, and together they are an explosion in terms of flavors and aromas with the intense and fresh citrus fragrance that leans well against the fruity notes of cocoa.
The Arancia Cioccolato panettone is available in the Royal Collection of the Pastry line, which stands out for the quality of all the ingredients guaranteed by Loison and for the special processing, which takes place according to the most modern and advanced systems, but respecting the long and slow rising times typical of the ancient Italian pastry tradition. The result is a soft and highly digestible dough.

"Love chocolate to the core, without complexes or false shame because, remember, "Without a hint of madness there is no judicious man." (François de La Rochefoucault)"