31 January 2022

Loison takes stock of 2021: a turnover that rose above 35%!


  • “Though difficult, the year was extremely productive for us, with results beyond our wildest expectations” – Dario Loison tells. “We ended 2021 with an increase of over 35% in sales, while our exports climbed to over 60%”.
  • Resilience and ability to adapt to new circumstances were the secret weapons that Loison pulled out in 2021
  • A strong digitalization of processes in production and sales is set to be the good practice for 2022


January is a time for assessments and Dario Loison – the owner of the family pastry business founded in Costabissara, Vicenza, in 1938 – takes stock of the year that’s just ended and shares his plans for 2022. Find the English version of the full interview on Loison Pasticceri’s YouTube channel. Below is a taste of it.


2021 was a difficult year: what results did you achieve?

The year that has just come to a close was a challenging one, due to the continued Covid-19 pandemic – Dario Loison says – Though difficult, it was extremely productive for us, bringing results beyond our wildest expectations.
We closed 2021 with an over 35% increase in sales and a strong acceleration in our exports, which climbed to over 60%. This means that we not only strengthened our relationships with historical and traditional customers alike, but we also expanded into new markets.
All this success immensely gratifies us, because it is a sign that our resilience and ability to adapt to new circumstances paid off.


How did Loison react to the challenges that 2021 presented?

We got a head-start on our winter holiday production for foreign markets by working hard in the summer months – the businessman from Costabissara explains -. Incidentally, 2021 was also the year when we incremented our everyday line of products by adding a new cake. Tosa joined our Bonissima, Sbrisola and Filone, for a total of 4 staple products. Each of these cakes features a large range of flavors, offering our customers more Loison brand options throughout the year.


Any new projects for 2022?

2022 is the year that will confirm our inclination for innovation and for the digital world, an area we have always believed and invested in. It was not by chance that we started using the Internet as early as 1996, when few businesses knew and believed in this new tool.
Today we are working to push further into digital processes in sales and production, by investing in brand communication strategies, so to support our customers worldwide, including with educational activities that will help strengthen our connections.


How has digital communication developed at Loison?

We have created 8 digital spaces, consisting of 3 domains (loison.com – insolitopanettone.com – biscottiloison.com) that are in turn supported by 5 sub-domains (shop.loison.com – museum.loison.com – papers.loison.com – press.loison.com – job.loison.com) – Dario Loison concludes.
The latest addition – Job.Loison – was created to foster increasingly performing and innovative relationships not only with our existing employees, but also with our external collaborators. We now offer online training, an added value that will enable us to form Loison Brand Ambassadors in all respects!

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