30 September 2020

Dario Loison and the future: the year to come

  • We face the future with a proactive and competitive spirit so we can bring on new ideas, including the new style for our product catalog. “It will become a book for collectors, just like our limited-edition Latta”.
  • Loison’s 7th digital space is now online: it features published papers centering on the company.
  • What is it that sets Loison apart from other small businesses? Tenacity, Discipline, Curiosity, Self-control, Inspiration,
Dario Loison articolo

With almost 150 pages, the new catalog is much more than a pamphlet

During these unprecedented times, when the whole world has been fighting a “monster” called Covid-19, our small workshop has been hanging tight. Our proactive and competitive spirit has always set us apart, as we seek new ideas to stay current. One of them materialized into a new style for our catalog, which went from being just a list of products to a 150-page book. This publication has evolved into a keepsake, like our limited-edition Latta, or Tin Box, now in its 14th edition.

Planning, designing, organizing and publishing a monograph is a huge endeavor, especially for a small artisan company like ours. It is a great effort that we gladly make to be increasingly closer to our customers and offer them transparent and open communication, all the while working on building trust and credibility. By doing so, we help our customers – whether they are distributors, shopkeepers or end consumers – to clearly understand the great work that is behind our product.
We have always worked for the customer: for 15 years now, we have been telling the story of our Panettone and other leavened products through a booklet that we include with each collection. This year, however, we went even further: our new digital space Papers.Loison.com is now online. This is the seventh website for us, after LoisonPressInsolito PanettoneLoison MuseumBiscottiShop Loison. The new addition documents our significant work and is a testament to all the company’s documentary heritage and the operational history of the Loison family’s management through the generations.

If not a new product, then what’s new at Loison in 2020?

This year, the newness does not come in the form of a baked good, but rather in the ongoing qualitative growth of Loison’s leavened products, which is something that only a few small artisan companies like ours can afford to invest in.
We brilliantly organized our work downstream, starting with more presence and operating speed in our customer service. In addition, in 2020, we took a great leap forward in our internal process certification, thanks to a great technological innovation that has amplified our internal quality standards.
For a product such as Panettone, which requires a long natural leavening process that takes up to three days, it is a very complex procedure to maintain such high standards. Loison is one the few artisan producers committed to maintaining and ensuring such a high quality over time.

Loison goes further than the ‘Tradition – Passion – Innovation’ cliché. What’s beyond?

At Loison, there is Tenacity. To be tenacious, one must believe in one’s goal with consistency, as well as be willing to fight with all one’s might to achieve it, carrying it forward with Discipline, not a casual attitude.
At Loison, there is Curiosity, the engine that feeds our creativity to then pour out onto the artistic side of our packaging, thanks to Sonia Design.
At Loison, there is Self-control, in the sense of control within the company. Back in the early 1990s, while intensely working with foreign markets and when HACCP was not yet mandatory in Italy and nobody knew what it was, Dario Loison strongly believed in a self-control system. This was then followed by the voluntary BRC Food Standard certification in 2007. Corporate self-control also means self-discipline and firmness, as we have demonstrated during this year’s lockdown, when we embraced a proactive spirit.
At Loison, there is Inspiration, always based on a vision that is often lacking in small businesses like ours. We strive to work following an outline that intersects medium with long-term objectives.
At Loison, there is Generosity, a characteristic that is common to all positive people. Dario Loison does not like talking about it, because charity is simply done and not spoken of. We try to be altruistic not only with our products, but also with our availability. Thinking about altruism, Dario is reminded of the Filippin Award he received in 2016 from his alma mater, where he studied for six years. The award is bestowed to former outstanding students of the Filippin Institute, who have achieved important goals in the professional field and have upheld the moral and Christian values learned while attending the school. The award was presented to Dario Loison for the following reason:

For having been able to maintain unaltered over time the moral qualities developed at the Filippin Institute, with an eye always to the young and to their growth, both personally and professionally.
For the passion that his pastry-making business reflects, for the respect he shows to the past and for the attention he pays to the future, with all the opportunities it has to offer.
For his entrepreneurial spirit and for his vision, which often make him walk at his own special speed, all the while never forgetting to reach out to those who struggle to keep up with him”.