11 March 2024

Latta Limited Edition 2024 tin, the most sought-after collectible

The Loison Colomba is an authentic demonstration of craftsmanship thanks to 72 hours of processing and incessant attention to raw materials.
The artisan Colomba is offered in 4 variants: Apricot and Basil (new), Salted Caramel, Classic A.D. 1552, and Peach and Hazelnuts.


The ability to package by hand, a pillar of the Loison vision, combined with meticulous attention to every detail, result in a fusion in which the packaging sublimates the very essence of Loison, maintaining a coherence between form and substance. This represents the unmistakable signature of Sonia Design.



The Limited Edition Easter Tin, a staple for collectors, delivers compelling stories by Sonia Design each year. The 2024 edition elegantly displays white and pink magnolia flowers, depicted in all their grace, beauty and harmony, as only nature can offer.
Rightful importance is also given to the tissue paper wrapping the dove, which, although a secondary element, has been enhanced with delicate friezes-a detail that, just as with haute couture garments, should not appear at first glance.



Those who know Loison know that the Easter dove is never a trivial dessert and appreciate the craftsmanship with which it is made. The 750g variants assigned to the tin are: novelty flavor 2024 Apricot Basil, where sweet and slightly tart apricot joins the herbaceous blend of basil that is complemented by slight balsamic undertones; Caramello salato, unabashedly mouthwatering with a white chocolate caramel and Piedmont Hazelnut Igp coating, and filled with salted butterscotch cream; Classica A. D. 1552, which bite after bite has never finished telling what it sweetly expresses; produced continuously since 2004; Pesca e Nocciola, with persuasive semi-candied peach and crunchy Piedmont Hazelnuts Igp.

Page 46-47 of the Spring 2024 Catalog.


The Colomba in the LATTA collection are distinguished by the choice of fine ingredients, all of which are certified as being of controlled origin. The basic elements, such as eggs from free-range hens, milk, butter and mountain cream, in the TOP line are fresh. Other ingredients are selected according to territorial excellence: from fior di farina to Italian sugar, from Cervia whole sea salt to precious aromatic ingredients, evaluated with extreme care and creativity.


"Eleganza non è farsi notare, ma farsi ricordare. (Giorgio Armani)"

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