20 February 2024

Colomba Albicocca Basilico, the Mediterranean taste of spring

The new 2024 flavor captures the sweet, sunny flavor of apricot combined with the fragrance of fresh basil leaves.
72 hours of slow processing, rigorous craftsmanship, continuous attention to ingredients and hand packaging are the pillars of the winning Made in Italy recipe.

Apricot is the smile of spring turning into a kiss of summer, a fruit that contains the sweetness and warmth of two seasons. The full, enveloping flavor of a ripe apricot is an explosion of joy that fills the heart, and Colomba Albicocca Basilico, new flavor 2024, captures this Mediterranean essence, pairing it with the balsamic fragrance of fresh basil leaves. Each bite becomes a sensory journey through sunny orchards, where the sweet flavor of ripe apricots gently blends with the balsamic note of basil.


Taste combinations are delineated through sensory analysis, traditions, historical and cultural heritage, personal experience and from other contaminations. The original combination of apricot and basil originated at one of the Insolito Panettone dinners, where the exchange of ideas with Dario Loison’s chef friends stimulated creativity, which has now been concretely realized in the Colomba Albicocca Basilico.

vaniglia mananara madagascar slow food famiglia Ranja


At the heart of the Loison recipe beats an uncompromising commitment to quality and authenticity of ingredients. This means a constant dedication to ingredients, such as candied apricot, enriched only with natural flavors and carefully processed to ensure a delicate, fluffy texture.
In addition, Mananara vanilla (Slow Food Presidium) comes from Madagascar, pollinated, harvested and selected by the Ranja family for Loison Pasticceri, who have been cultivating and refining vanilla for four generations since 1924.
This commitment extends to the rigorous manufacturing processes that require repeated refreshments and kneading for 72 hours of patient processing, slow baking in traditional ovens according to specially designed cycles, and finally natural aging and cooling without any forcing for 6 to 8 hours. Without forgetting that in Loison, automation is compensated by intense human intervention.


The art of hand-packaging, a pillar of the Loison philosophy, is combined with meticulous attention to detail and the distinctive style signed Sonia Design. This results in an unequivocal harmony of body and soul, where the packaging enhances the essence in a perfect balance of mutual coherence.

The Limited Edition LATTA is embellished with large white and pink magnolia flowers, shown in all their grace as only nature can offer. It is a collectible package that year after year expresses the inimitable Sonia Design style. Rightful importance is also given to the tissue paper that wraps the 750g Colomba, which, although it is a secondary element, has been enhanced with delicate friezes-a detail that, just as with haute couture garments, should not appear at first glance. Page 46-47 Spring Easter Catalog.

The FRUTTA E FIORI collection, available in 500g and 1kg sizes, is inspired by ancient botanical plates. Sonia Pilla has taken some of the details of fruit, leaves and flowers and placed them in a bucolic context on precious teal-colored wrappers that evoke the arrival of spring. This is completed by a flat bow with a tone-on-tone Loison logo. Page 50-51 Spring Easter Catalog.

The COLOMBA in the TOP line are distinguished by the choice of fine ingredients, all with controlled origin certification. The basic elements such as eggs from safe farms, milk and butter produced in the mountain. The other ingredients are selected according to territorial excellence: from top-grade flour to natural Italian sugar, from Cervia whole sea salt to precious aromatic ingredients, evaluated with extreme care.

"Soon all fear passed us by and we all ended up climbing the trees devouring apricots, drooling juice, snatching them handfuls from the branches to put them in the bag. We would take a bite of them and if they didn't seem sweet enough we would throw them away and take more, throw the ripe apricots at each other and they would burst out at us in a veritable orgy of fruit and laughter. (from "Paula," Isabel Allende) "