15 November 2023

Coccola Regalo and Peluche Collections: A sweet embrace

What do the Coccola, Regalo and Plushies collections have in common? They share two enveloping elements: the softness of the delicate plush and the fluffiness of the superb bunting.
The softness of the fabric is a caress for the eye and the touch that makes the presentation a true gift to be admired and given as a present.




The packaging. Presented in three refined shades, burgundy, hazelnut and ivory, the plush bag is an embrace of softness that carefully wraps the panettone inside. Sonia wanted to personalise the Coccola collection with a refined copper-coloured embroidered “L” on the bag, while the tone-on-tone ribbon, embellished with golden lugs and a delicate pearl, is perfect for the closure.

The panettone. Inside these soft packages hides a world of refined flavours, designed to satisfy every palate (all by the kilo): the Classical Panettone AD 1476, for taste purists; Marron Glacé, an explosion of autumn flavours; Lemons, a journey of freshness and citrus fragrances; and the novelty of 2023, the Pear Chocolate Panettone.
Page 70-71 Winter 2023 catalogue






The packaging. The Regalo collection draws inspiration from the sweet soul of koalas, silent animals to love and protect. The ultra-soft Kira and Kunky plushies hold a 750g panettone cake inside: once the cake has been enjoyed, the tummy transforms into a precious guardian ready to contain the most cherished treasures to be sealed with the special padlock. The collection is perfected with a gift bag specially made from recycled Pet to reduce environmental impact, making this gift an even more special experience.
The panettone. The plushies lovingly hold a 750 gram panettone cake. Kira encloses the Panettone Classico AD 1476, a tribute to tradition with its soft and fragrant dough, evoking memories of past festivities. Kunky gives the Panettone Regal Cioccolato, a mouth-watering and enveloping experience, with chocolate chunks that melt in the mouth, giving an explosion of pleasure.
Page 72-73 Winter 2023 catalogue






The mini plushies. This is a collection that enchants with its magic in mini format, where the little one becomes a real treasure to cuddle. Among the references in this collection, it is impossible not to fall in love with Tina and Teo, soft koalas in the small plush version, which enclose a 100 gram cake of taste and tenderness.
The little bags. The 5 soft fabric bags are an enchantment for the eyes and a pleasure to the touch. The embroidery of the initial “L” of Loison lends a touch of refined elegance, while the double satin tone-on-tone ribbon closure and the silver-coloured lugs, accompanied by a delicate pearl, emphasise the loving attention to detail, the true signature of Sonia Design.
The panettone. If Tina and Teo are rooting for the panettoncino Classico rich with orange candied fruit, the small bags hold a variety of 5 flavours (expressed in different colours): the refined Marron glacé, the traditional Classico, the enveloping Cioccolato, the mouth-watering Amarena and, last but not least, a classic pandorino to make every moment special.
Page 88-92 catalogue Winter 2023

"And a useless caress was enough to turn the world upside down. (Alda Merini)"

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