13 October 2022

Beyond the Loison catalogue: a 163-page monograph


Just like the big fashion houses present specific collections for the seasons, so is the Winter/Christmas catalogue wholly renewed. It has also grown in terms of the quality of its content and number of pages, to the point of becoming a 163-page book, also accessible in digital version on Papers, the Loison space that holds the company’s document heritage.


We are going through challenging times, and for artisan businesses it is ever more complex to program in the medium to long term and to tackle difficulties with resilience. Loison Pasticceri deals with all these new challenges with a pro-active approach, and is loyal to its commitment to publishing its twice-yearly catalogue, which is entirely new each time, because Loison Winter and Spring collections are as seasonal as high fashion lines.

Over the years, the catalogue has been departing from its price-list identity and has evolved into a 163-page monograph, a book to be collected, stored, cherished, also accessible in digital version on Papers.Loison.com, the digital space that collects the whole company’s Heritage through the history of 4 generations of the Loison family.



The Winter 2022 catalogue has been entirely developed and designed by Sonia Pilla, Dario’s wife and Art director of Loison Pasticceri: “The hues of the catalogue faithfully reflect the harmony of Loison’s 12 base colours, designed to help customers set up a well-balanced display. The colours are consistent with the Loison style and the colour scheme remains unchanged for continuing products as well as the ones for festivities” says Sonia Pilla. “I also decided the photo shooting should be set in a noble Venetian mansion, whose lights gave the right atmosphere to the collections and an understated but refined tone to the entire catalogue.”

Sonia’s creative process always strikes a balance between shape and essence and each year, it gives rise to new collections where nothing is left to chance but stems from careful studying and planning, with an eye to the smallest detail for an end result where beauty emerges as a whole and is reflected in every aspect.

"It is not difficult to know a thing; what is difficult is to know how to use what you know (Han Fei Zi, Chinese philosopher)"

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