Panettone GenesiDiVino
With raisins and a blend of late harvest wines
code 902 - 1000 g - 2 lb 3 1/4 oz (35.25 oz)code 9101 - 500 g - 1 lb 1 3/5 oz (17.64 oz)


Our Divino Panettone delivers the incredibly intense fragrances of a skillfully blended mix of dessert wines from the Venetian region, including Torcolato di Breganze, Recioto di Gambellara, Riesling and Verduzzo. This is the Panettone that best represents our region, with its long-standing tradition of winemaking.

Italian sweet wines
Italian sweet wines, such as Recioto di Gambellara, Riesling and Verduzzo, are featured in some of our products, delivering a refined blend of one-of-a-kind fragrances.
Mananara vanilla from Madagascar
Vanilla is one of the most prized spices. The first to use it were the Aztecs. We source ours directly from growers in Madagascar, as they offer one of the best vanilla crops in the world. The fragrant black pods we are more familiar with are obtained after a lengthy production process.
Sultana raisins
Sultana raisins from Turkey, featuring seedless, even-looking fruits, are sweet and plump. The grapes are dried naturally out in the sun with no added preservatives.