14 October 2022

The 5 Loison strategies

Dario Loison e l

Year after year, Loison’s 5 corporate strategies prove effective and forward-looking, and the tangible results obtained confirm the choices that have been made. Here they are:


  1. Design & Packaging: the secret of the “Loison style”
  2. Product innovation: continuous research on ingredients and flavours
  3. Foreign markets, Loison in over 70 countries!
  4. Web & Social: 20 years of digital strategies
  5. De-seasonalisation and creative interpretations of Panettone

Design & Packaging: the secret of the “Loison style”

Each year, the look of the Loison lines is renewed, thanks to the innovative ideas of Sonia Pilla, Dario’s wife and designer of the unmistakable “Loison Style”. The romantic and nostalgic soul of the creations of Sonia Design, the business unit headed by Sonia, however, conceals a great focus on constant research and innovation. One of the most important innovations was to depart from classic Christmas colours for the packaging, introducing pastel tones, retro atmospheres and decorations with satin bows and ribbons, giving a unique identity to Loison, detached from seasonality. Sonia has also introduced the unmissable, numbered and collectible Limited Edition Tin Boxes. The packaging is also designed to be functional and reusable, so it has a second life.

The constant search for new styles and design solutions means that each year, 50% of Loison collections is renewed, making every campaign an exclusive and unrepeatable experience.

Product innovation: continuous research on ingredients and flavours

New packaging but also new products. Thanks to continuous analyses, studies and research, Dario Loison creates and innovates and takes everyone’s taste buds by surprise. In recent years alone, Loison has launched a number of new lines, which have been able to win consumers over. Here is a short description of all the latest, mouth-watering news.


2018 – Panettone NeroSale debuts – caramel recipe, with no added semi-finished ingredients, combined with single-origin bitter chocolate. A recipe that is by now considered a Made in Loison classic.


2019 – the year is packed with big news at Loison’s: “Nerosale” doubles with pandoro, while the panettone range sees the launch of the Citrussy Panettone, made with 5 of the finest Italian citrus fruits, including Chinotto of Savona and Late Mandarin of Ciaculli (both ingredients are Slow Food Praesidia); among the continuing products, instead, the Sbrisola, a take on the Mantuan sbrisolona, and the Filone, naturally leavened fruitcake with an unmissable texture and flavour.


2020 – Bonissima debuts, a take on the traditional Modenese cake, and new Sbrisola flavours are launched, including the innovative Rice and Mint Sbrisola


2021 – Loison complements its range of salted caramel products by introducing the “Salted Caramel Colomba” and the Tosa. The latter has a shortcrust base, enriched with a delicious caramel frangipane and offered in two versions: the “Blonde” Tosa with Piedmont hazelnuts, and the “Brunette” Tosa with cocoa. However, this is also the year in which the Pistachio Matcha Panettone is presented to the public, an innovative cake with a delicious taste, which combines the unique flavor of the famous Japanese tea, with the enveloping notes of pistachio cream and grains, 100% made with Pistachio of Bronte, Slow Food presidium.

Foreign markets, Loison in over 70 countries!

2021 saw the presence of Loison baked goods grow exponentially worldwide. Thanks to the indefatigable work of the sales team, the Loison panettone can now be found in more than 70 countries. The already well-established markets of France, Germany, Canada, Japan, are joined by unlikely countries from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, such as New Caledonia or Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. This strength in exports, more unique than rare for an SME in the confectionery sector, means that today more than 60% of turnover comes from foreign markets, turning Loison into an ambassador of Made in Italy quality and style in the world.

Web & Social: 20 years of digital strategies

Since 1996, the year in which the first website was launched, Dario Loison has had the foresight to believe in the importance and potential of a modern digital strategy, always in step with the times.
Since then, the Vicenza entrepreneur has used the Internet to promote smart and innovative communication, turning a small artisan enterprise into an actual digital pioneer.

OToday, Loison Pasticceri promotes a complex digital strategy, through which the company has a presence on all the main Internet communication channels. The internet presence has been so effective, that even Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, used it as an example in the article “La rivoluzione targata Web. E Google fa crescere l’economia del pianeta” uscita su “La Repubblica”, inserto “Affari & Finanza” insert of October 24, 2016.


More than twenty years after the first website’s debut, the Loison brand has a presence in 7 targeted digital spaces by type of visitors:

    1. loison.com,the corporate website and the company’s main showcase;
    2. Insolitopanettone, a portal where the chefs friends of Loison interpret Panettone as “special” ingredient in sweet and savoury recipes;
    3. shop.loison.com, to purchase Loison products online;
    4. museum.loison.com, the website devoted to the Loison Museum, which offers a journey to discover the flavours of traditional confectionery;
    5. biscottiloison.com, the sixth digital space entirely devoted to Loison butter biscuits;
    6. Papers.Loison.com, to talk about the Loison world from another point of view, that collected in Loison catalogues, brochures, monographs and booklets
    7. loison.com website devoted to the search for new talent, in-company personnel training and relations with universities and brand ambassadors.


Today, Loison has a presence on several social platforms and has a following on

    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Pinterest
    4. YouTube
    5. LinkedIn
    6. Twitter


For Loison, the social networks are not merely a showcase or a space for interacting with followers, but also an essential tool in the offer to customers. Indeed, Loison promotes an ambitious digital advertising strategy, which involves the creation of differentiated and targeted campaigns in more than 70 countries, and which aims to promote the brand and lead users to purchase in retailers’ shops or in Loison’s online shop. The “marketing package” promoted by the company, however, does not stop there. Indeed, Loison can rely on a team devoted to creating customised and tailor-made campaigns for its most important customers, providing a unique service in the realm of Italian SMEs.

De-seasonalisation and creative interpretations of Panettone​

Panettone is a sweet bread strongly linked to tradition and the winter season, but Loison has always been committed to de-seasonalising it. The idea was born in 2000 when Dario Loison started a close collaboration with many chefs, which made it possible to form an extraordinary background of “adaptability” of Panettone in all dishes, either sweet or savoury. “For instance, Fulvio Pierangelini, who once binged on Panettone during the Merano Wine Festival, is a very good friend of mine,” says Dario Loison, who concludes, “Enrico Derflingher used our products in Japan…the year of the Expo Davide Oldani presented a risotto à la Milanese plated with crumbs of Loison Panettone”.

The wish to tell of this great versatility of panettone then took tangible form in Insolito Panettone, where chefs contribute too reinterpreting Panettone and other baked goods in an original way and free from clichés, using it as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes. Since then, over 23 chefs, 9 of whom are Michelin stars, have interpreted Panettone with their recipes on Insolito (“Unusual”) Panettone:

    1. Stefano Agostini – Restaurant Villa Soligo, Farra di Soligo (TV)
    2. Danilo Angè – Chef, Teacher and Consultant
    3. Tommaso Arrigoni – Restaurant Innocenti Evasioni (Mi)
    4. Mattia Barbieri – Restaurant Enoteca Centrale, Mestrino (PD)
    5. Alberto Basso – Restaurant 3Quarti, Grancona (VI)
    6. Enrico Bartolini – MUDEC✽✽✽ Milano – Casual ✽ Bergamo Alta – La Trattoria✽ Castiglione della Pescaia (GR) – Glam✽✽ Venezia – Locanda del Sant’Uffizio ✽ Cioccaro di Penango (AT) – Poggiorosso ✽ Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), Milano Verticale / Ristorante Anima
    7. Davide Botta – Restaurant L’Artigliere, Isola della Scala (VR)
    8. Peter Brunel – Restaurant Gourmet Peter Brunel ✽, Arco TN
    9. Lorenzo Cogo – Consultant, ex Restaurant El Coq ✽, Vicenza
    10. Alessandro Dal Degan – Restaurant La Tana Gourmet ✽, Asiago (VI)
    11. Franco Favaretto – Restaurant Baccalà Divino, Mestre (VE)
    12. Andrea Fenoglio – Restaurant storante Sissi ✽, Merano (BZ)
    13. Enzo Gianello – Penaceto, Longare (VI)
    14. Matteo Grandi – Restaurant Matteo Grandi in Basilica ✽, VI
    15. Herbert Hintner – Restaurant Zur Rose ✽, San Michele Appiano (BZ)
    16. Marco Perez – Restaurant Hotel Petrus, Brunico (BZ)
    17. Renato Rizzardi – Restaurant La Locanda di Piero, Montecchio Precalcino (VI)
    18. Andrea Rossetti – Osteria V – Restaurant Antico Veturo, Trebaseleghe (PD)
    19. Martino Scarpa – Restaurant Ai Do Campanili, Cavallino Treporti (VE)
    20. Piergiorgio Siviero – Restaurant Lazzaro 1915 ✽, Pontelongo (PD)
    21. Maria Grazia Soncini – Restaurant La Capanna di Eraclio ✽, Codigoro (FE)
    22. Paulo Sverko – Restaurant Fancita, Orsera/Vrsar – Istria, Croazia
    23. Daniele Zennaro – Restaurant Algiubagiò, Venezia



All these activities have led Dario Loison to “invent” panettone-based products to help chefs enrich their recipes, such as Panettone Slices or Panettone Powder.

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