24 October 2022

Christmas 2022 Collections: “Dream with the heart of the greatest and see the world with the eyes of a child”

Sonia Design believes in the joy of sharing and love, in those small deeds that, after all, are the biggest ones. This Christmas collection seeks to remind each one of us precisely that: to tell us to dream with the heart of the greatest and see the world with the eyes of a child”.

“At the end of the year the time comes when we usually reflect on what we have dealt with, the goals we have reached, the experiences that have enriched us, the moments of joy, but also those of despair. At Christmas, one reflects on the memory of past times, on one’s own experiences, ready to intertwine with plans for the coming year.”


These words that paint an almost Pascoli-like picture of the candid and gentle human soul introduce Sonia Pilla’s 2022 collections, the theme of which is “The Traditions of a Magical Christmas” entirely drawn from her ideas and emotions. It all revolves around the word LOVE: giving with no need for receiving, offering something without expecting anything in return. If we learn to give and share with love, we can live in harmony and always with a smile on our lips.

The collections provide glimpses of wintry days, designed for Loison with a retro style that highlights Sonia’s feelings: Christmassy moments lived with the lightheartedness of childhood, a treasure chest of emotions enclosed in enduring memories.

The pictures are all different according to the collection and flavour: each package is therefore a “canvas” with different art.



The only collection exclusively devoted to Pandoro centres around Father Christmas and his job – bringing joy to children.

There are four 1kg versions: with Zabaglione, creamy and intense, ideal for this soft leavened product; filled with Chocolate made with highly selected South-American cocoa Grand Crus; with Salted Caramel, a flavour that is increasingly successful, year after year; Classic, in the traditional version with plenty of butter and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar

Pg 60 of the Winter 2022 catalogue



The case to be reused opens the curtain on a collection of illustrations of super cute puppies.

The line includes 4 Made in Loison flavours in the 500g format: the Panettone with Marrons Glacé, rich in glazed chestnut cream, with large chunks of glazed chestnuts as well; Classic a.D. 1476, generous in candied fruit whose essential oils retain the intensity of freshly picked fruit; with Late Mandarin of Ciaculli (Slow Food Praesidium); Regal Chocolate, the most delicious panettone thanks to the chocolate chips and the filling cream;

Pg 62 of the Winter 2022 catalogue



This collection marks the debut of a new type of packaging, a box with opening top just like a treasure chest, complemented with a bow specifically designed by Sonia Design.

The collection includes 4 flavours in the 500 gramme format: with Sour Cherry, zestful and with fruity aromas; with Lemons, with sultanas, candied lemons and lemon cream; Regal Chocolate, refined with the full-bodied flavour of the cocoa-based filling; Classico a.D. 1476, soft, fragrant and very rich in candied Sicilian Oranges and Citron of Diamante.

Pg 64 of the Winter 2022 catalogue



This year’s edition of the tin box, the 16th, takes us through picturesque snow-covered alleys, all glitzed up by gift shops and cake shops bedecked with irresistible confectioneries. The tin box has 3 levels of relief for sensorial depth, and when the lid is opened it reveals the panettone and a good luck wreath.

The TIN has 5 flavour options: the traditional Classico a.D. 1476, with fine candied Sicilian Oranges, and Citron of Diamante;  NeroSale, the yummy chocolate and salted caramel panettone which has been a smash hit with grown-ups and children alike since 2018; Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, Slow Food Praesidium, inimitable with its aromatic scents; Pistachio Matcha, with a heart of Green Pistachio of Bronte DOP and an icing of white chocolate and Matcha powder; Regal Chocolate, with selected single origin Grand cru chocolate and chocolate cream;

Pg 66 of the Winter 2022 catalogue

"How necessary is imperfection in order to be perfect! (Giovanni Pascoli)"

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