14 October 2022

Loison, a sweet history of success

Tre generazioni di Loison

Our main ingredient is Tradition, our ovens are heated by Passion: for four generations, we have been creating Gourmet Confectionery that is now enjoyed all over the world”. Dario Loison


Simple origins, wholesome products: bread baked in a wood-fired oven, traditional Venetian cakes. The history of Loison started as a family business that was set up in the late Nineteen-Thirties.

Grandfather Tranquillo was the first to learn the art of baking: as a boy, he started working as a baker and as young as 17 he had already written his first recipe book, containing all the ingredients for making bread, biscuits and some simple cakes of the Venetian tradition.

In 1934, Tranquillo opened the first bakery in Motta di Costabissara, where he moved with his whole family. When his son Alessandro joined him, the bakery turned into a family business.

Back in 1945, encouraged by his father’s teachings and by customers, who demanded a more varied assortment, Alessandro started experimenting with the first leavened baked goods, such as plum cakes and Berliners, either simple or filled with raisins. Ten years later, the laboratory started producing multi-tier wedding cakes, very popular for ceremonies; at the same time, during the Christmas period, it offered typical products such as spumiglie, meringues, zaletti and pevarini.

The Nineties marked the start of an age of great changes at Loison’s: Alessandro’s son Dario has been at the company’s helm since 1992, and has given it an international scope through restructuring and reshaping, and successfully tackled all the new product and market challenges.

In 1996, the first Loison website was launched, thanks to the pioneering intuition of Dario in the digital field: 6 simple pages which, however, are enough to give international visibility to the company on the Internet. Indeed, thanks to their particular care in the choice of ingredients and packaging, the confectionery products are exported to various European countries as well as overseas, for an increasingly loyal and demanding public.

At a time when e-commerce was still utopia, the first orders from Sweden and Japan were received. While Alessandro only sold within a 200km radius, under Dario’s leadership Loison Pasticceri turned into an international company, and in 2021 its products were sold in over 60 countries.

In 2020, Edoardo, the fourth generation of the Loison family, joined his parents Dario and Sonia at the company, in a supporting role in sales and foreign markets, with a focus on digitalisation. Edoardo brought a breath of fresh air, striving to apply his digital skills to all company areas to connect them and improve their performance and effectiveness. After graduating in Economics, he worked in the food sector in London, Sweden and Campania, gaining experience that allowed him to try his hand within well-established concerns and bring the acquired know-how back into the Loison family business.

The artisanal wisdom and the effectiveness of innovation with a focus on customers

The recipe for the company’s success features a set of specific ingredients: the combination of tradition and modernity, which translates into retrieving old recipes and redefining them by adding new flavours; the choice of excellent ingredients, many of which are overseen by the Slow Food Movement; the use of cutting-edge production techniques; the artisanal passion passed down through the generations, and the managerial and entrepreneurial skills. These are the ingredients of Loison’s success.

The artisanal approach of the company is an intentional choice by the Loison family, the only one that makes it possible to devote as much attention as necessary to the superior and signature quality of the product, while providing an accurate and tailor-made service to Customers.

The Company’s sales structure is indeed efficient and prompt in liaising with buyers, supported by a versatile and experienced international Customer Service, capable of addressing the ever more specific demands of customers.

In short, all these aspects make Loison unique and exemplary in terms of Art and Innovation in small enterprises. That is why it is often the subject of case studies by Universities, as an extremely lean, flexible, elastic, dynamic and at the same time concrete business, capable of satisfying diverse demands from over 70 countries, with a versatile and flexible customer portfolio, ranging from mass retail to specialised delicatessen shops.


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