2 October 2021

Loison New Product For 2021 Is A Pistachio Matcha Panettone

From Sonia’s passion for tea comes Loison’s newest flavor combination: Panettone with Green Pistachio Nuts from Bronte (a PDO and Slow Food product) and Matcha Green Tea from Uji, Kyoto.
The result of extensive research carried out at Loison’s with a Japanese team, this unprecedented and sophisticated flavor combination will meet the demands of gourmet customers



Sonia has always been passionate about tea: “Some 30 years ago, back when we began traveling abroad for business, I liked taking Sonia to the most prestigious tea rooms in Europe –Dario Loison says – I have wonderful memories of going to the Brown’s Hotel and to the Ritz Hotel in London, where she would enjoy savoring some traditional afternoon tea. This experience was always followed by the purchase of dozens of different types of tea”.

Each of those trips was always an opportunity to try something new at the “Tea Rooms” throughout Europe and to bring home new varieties of tea. Not to simply add them to a collection, but to learn more about every aspect of the drink. Sonia has tea every day and, hence, this habit has become an inherent part of Loison family’s culture. The interest in and curiosity about the ritual of tea serving inevitably led to the discovery of different types of Matcha green tea.



The pistachio used at Loison’s is no ordinary nut: it is the highly praised Green Pistachio grown in Bronte, Sicily – a Slow Food Presidium. It is so-called because of its emerald green color. “Pistachio is a plant that produces nuts every other year – Dario Loison explains – but for us, this is not a problem, given the relationship that we have established with our suppliers, personally selected by me for their dedication and reliability. They not only ensure that we receive a continuous supply of the product, but also that such product is genuine. The intense flavor of this particular pistachio makes it stand out by far among the rest of the domestic and international productions”. The pistachio cream that Loison makes is definitely unique and delivers an intense aromatic pistachio flavor, which persists in the mouth and conveys slightly resinous notes.

The PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Green Pistachio from Bronte is a Slow Food Presidium that Loison has been using in the filling of its Veneziana since 2012. For over 30 years, Dario has been a member of the Slow Food Association and has been using its products for 15 years.



Why combine pistachio with Matcha green tea? “I decided to further enhance the flavor of the PDO Green Pistachio of Bronte with a precious and traditional element as is Matcha Tea. It wasn’t purely a choice related to the color of the pistachio, but – when well dosed and calibrated – this type of tea actually provides the end product with added value in terms of high finesse – Dario Loison explains.

We engaged in long and extensive research and study – Loison continues – not only working hard in our workshop but also reaching out to a team of Japanese experts who live and work in Italy, including a pastry chef who collaborates with us on a regular basis – Dario Loison concludes. In the end, the choice fell on a specific and selected variety of Matcha green tea from the hills of Uji, Kyoto, obtained through meticulous quality control procedures. This selection will be appreciated by Loison’s large pool of gourmet customers, made up of foodie friends, chefs, and enthusiasts who are increasingly attentive, informed, and in search of high-quality products.



The Pistachio Matcha Panettone brings together an all-Italian tradition with a thousand-year-old ritual. With this flavor combination, Loison aspires to elevate the act of tasting by capturing our eyesight, intriguing our sense of smell, and enticing our palate. The flavors come through full circle after the first few bites. From the inside out, you will find: a creamy filling made from bright-green PDO Pistachio Nuts from Bronte, soft juicy raisins, and delicious white chocolate icing enriched with precious Matcha Green Tea powder, finely chopped green pistachios, and whole green pistachios.

The Pistachio Matcha Panettone is included in three of Loison’s Top-Line Collections: GENESI (1-kilo and 500-gram), GOLD (750-gram), and LATTA (1-kilo).



Matcha is a fine Japanese green tea obtained by slowly stone-grinding the tea leaves until they turn into a light powder. Some of its characteristics are the intense bright green color and a rather complex flavor that leans towards the herbaceous, with umami notes and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

In Japan, the art of preparing and serving powdered green tea is called Cha no yu, which literally means “hot water for tea”. It is an elaborate ritual with precise rules and special utensils. It is a deeply spiritual art that requires great preparation and precise movements. It is a thousand-year-old ceremony that Sonia Pilla once had the honor of participating in and that we documented with an exceptional video.



Good Panettone must always have some sort of fruity element. This year’s novelty is prepared with one of the ingredients found in traditional Panettone: it’s sultana raisins from seedless grapes that were dried out in the sun. This delicious ingredient stands out not only for its sweetness but also for its plumpness and fragrance. This is considered a technically advanced ingredient because it gets its exclusive flavor from a process that takes place in Loison’s workshop.

The Pistachio Matcha Panettone is included in the TOP Line and is prepared with fresh basic ingredients, such as eggs laid by free-range hens, and milk, heavy cream, and butter produced in the mountains. The rest of the ingredients is selected from the best that the country has to offer. From superfine flour to Italian sugar, from artisanal sea salt harvested in Cervia to Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium), and special aromatic products – all are selected with great care and creativity.

There are not more than five cardinal tastes […], yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted”. (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)


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