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The Patisserie Line: Delicious Ingredients and a one-of-a-kind Image

For our Patisserie Line we use the most delicious ingredients and we follow a special production process using the most modern and advanced systems, whilst observing the long and slow times that the leavening requires, according to Italy’s ancient pastry tradition.

Our production process is never rushed: it lasts over three days in an effort to preserve the sensory quality of the ingredients. In addition, by skillfully balancing the temperature and the humidity, we ensure that our products remain soft and fragrant over time.
We only use natural yeast, obtained from the fermentation of wheat flour and water alone for optimal rising, which does not require any addition of preservatives. As a result of both the unique flora that the natural yeast contains and of the slowmaking process, the dough remains porous and, after being baked, yields a soft spongy product that preserves the exclusive quality and deliciousness of the ingredients for a long time and ensures that our confections are highly digestible.