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The Top Line: Exceptional Quality and Premium Ingredients

The Top Line is Loison’s line of Excellence as it features carefully selected premium ingredients. To make the Panettone cakes of this line, Loison uses ingredients bearing the controlled designation of origin label, fresh eggs from safe farms, milk, butter and cream produced in the mountains of Italy, superfine flour, top-grade
Italian sugar and Cervia Raw Sea Salt.

The basic ingredients are then blended in with special aromatic products, selected with great care and creativity: from fragrant Italian wines, such as Prosecco from Valdobbiadene, to the candied peel of Sicilian oranges or of Citron from Diamante, Calabria, to the excellent Late Mandarin from Ciaculli*, the Fig from Calabria and Chinotto (orange bitters) from Savona*, up to the most exotic ones, such as soft Raisins from Turkey, toprated Cocoa from South America and the unique and flavorful Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar*.
In order to preserve the top quality of the ingredients, we follow a slow production process, during which no
additives or substances that could alter their properties or flavors are used. The art of pastry making consists precisely in this: creating confections while preserving the quality and aromas of the raw materials that only nature can create and that only craftsmanship can maintain unaltered.
* The Late Mandarin from Ciaculli, Chinotto from Savona and Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar are all Slow Food certified products, i.e. they are under the protection and preservation of the association (www.slowfood.com).