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The “Tuttigiorni” Line: here comes Daily Goodness

The products of the “Tuttigiorni” Line combine high quality ingredients with the art of presenting a gift in a unique and refined fashion. Unrivaled goodness on the inside and unmistakable image on the outside, for a sweet feeling to be enjoyed every day.

The ingredients are carefully selected among top-rated manufacturers: in fact, also the Tuttigiorni Line features the candied peel of Sicilian oranges and Turkish raisins. The natural rising process and the production cycle that takes 72 hours, as in the case of the other ranges of products, always yield confections of high standards, whose flavor bespeaks of no others but Loison. 
The “Scrigno” (chest-shaped) packages designed by Sonia are gift ideas that could become a little ritual or a promise of love. They were created for those who are interested in delicious products, but are more comfortable with a less costly item.

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