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Easter 2016 - The Tiepolo tin box: Sonia’s tribute to Venetian art

This signature tin box dedicated to painter Giambattista Tiepolo is a well-deserved tribute to Venetian art and region. Tiepolo was a fine decorator with great sensitivity and this dedicated tin box depicts details taken from his frescoes at Villa Cordellina in Montecchio Maggiore (VI). The delicate lines of the Venetian artist enclose and exalt the Classic Colomba a.D. 1552 in the 1-kg size, which is a triumph of fragrance and flavors within itself.


Loison’s traditional flavors, paired with the delicate lines of Tiepolo’s painting style, bring you a classical result featuring lightness and deliciousness. Sonia Design’s natural style expresses a new culture of quality in the finely decorated tin box.



Sonia Pilla pays her tribute to Venetian art and region by dedicating our Easter tin box to the master painter Giambattista Tiepolo, ... [read more]

The ELEGANZA Collection - Finesse and sleek lines for the shopping bag by Sonia Design

However good it is, the Panettone seems to take the back seat in this Collection, as we admire the packaging. It’s the result of years of study and research: a shopping bag entirely covered in double satin fabric, with soft lines evoking the silks of yesteryear. The choice for this container confirms the trend of making the packaging more than just that.


After years of research, study and attempts, Sonia Pilla‘s ingenuity and creativity finally gave birth to a shopping bag entirely covered with fabric, consisting of shiny, elegant double satin evoking the softness of precious ancient silks. One element that stands out is the hot-rolled bronze Loison logo. Rounding out the impeccable style are the delicate satin handles in matching color.


The final detail of the 2015 packaging is the newly designed seal, a luxury golden metal plate ... [read more]

The GIOIA Collection – Little girls baking Panettone

The GIOIA Collection’s packaging evokes the same Christmas feeling as that of the Sospiro Collection. However, while the Sospiro’s shopping bag features images of children confectioners dusting a Pandoro cake, the Gioia Collection showcases little girls working on a freshly baked Panettone: they sprightly climb up a ladder to reach the top of the cake display

The idea for the design on the packaging originated from a greeting card that Sonia Pilla purchased in Amsterdam in 2013, while out for a walk in the old city center bustling with market stalls and shops. The greeting card caught her attention at once: it reminded her of the old chromolithographic postcards that firms used to advertise their products in the era of World Expositions in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.


The images of ... [read more]

The MOMENTI Collection – Images of an old-fashioned Christmas

The stars of the MOMENTI Collection are subtle images taken from seven original greeting cards dated early 1900s. Made in Belgium and in the Netherlands, Sonia Pilla found them in 2013 at the print market in Amsterdam. She carefully selected those that most reflected the Flemish tradition, among more than 10,000 cards available

These type of cards used to be sent to greet or thank loved ones, the evidence of a Christmas tradition. Printed on them is either "Gelukkig Nieuwjaar" (Happy New Year) or "Gloedelig Jul" (Merry Christmas) and they depict snowy landscapes typical of European northern regions.


The nostalgic images feature pairs of deer and robins nestled among snow-covered pine trees and of old-fashioned houses with sloping roofs laden with soft snow. Inside are glimpses of dimly lit lamps. ... [read more]

The SOSPIRO Collection – Young confectioners dusting powdered sugar on a Pandoro

For the packaging of the SOSPIRO Collection, Sonia Pilla chose one of the most evocative themes at Loison: "Children confectioners at work". The idea for the decorations originated from a greeting card that Sonia found in Amsterdam, during a business trip she took in the spring of 2013

Out for a walk in the old city center, while enjoying the historical atmosphere, her attention was caught by a selection of greeting cards on display in a flea market.


The attractive design, reminiscent of old postcards advertising chocolate, butter, sugar and baking powder for confectionery companies in the late-19th and early-20th centuries, gave Sonia the inspiration for new decorations that came to life on this year’s packaging featuring the "Tradition of Christmas".


The Sospiro Collection expresses the ... [read more]

‘Serliana’, the inspiration behind the Genesi and Prestigio Collections

For the GENESI and PRESTIGIO Collections, Sonia Pilla chose to carry on the special bond that our brand has established with the land and the art. Sonia got her inspiration from two Palladian architectural elements: the arch and the capital or, to be more precise, the “Serliana”.

The stylized sequence of these classical elements are reproduced on the packaging to yield an elegant and subtle texture. Their shape and color perfectly match the tonal bow, in colors that identify the variety of Panettone. This is yet another example of the harmony and elegance that have always set Loison’s products apart

Architect Andrea Palladio and the Serliana element


There is a special connection between the criteria of uniqueness, harmony and elegance that distinguish the Loison brand and the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Vicenza province. The city of Vicenza is inextricably linked to the name of Andrea Palladio, the famous architect who made the city unique in the world. In 1994, Vicenza was included in the World Heritage List.


Inspired by a return to the past and ... [read more]